Treatment style | Therapeutic Flow

Pressure | Middle - Heavy

Notable point | Works well with communication of the nervous system to help release and decrease tightness in your body | Trigger Point Therapy | Movement Therapy | Postural Realignment | Deep Muscle Release


Anthony Started His journey with healing at an early age, From the time his was young he strived to make those around him happy and healthy. His parent suffered from Physical injuries, Replacement body parts and post surgery pains. Which gave him a passion for Massage, Which he started 2016 At Canadian Collage of Massage & Hydrotherapy (CCMH) and later graduating in 2018. During this time in school his clinical experience was in Neuro, Arthritis And Sports. Which he strives in applying aspects of each into the way he treats and assesses clients in the clinic. Come check out his unique treatment style that will leave you feeling like you came out knowing more about your body and the way it works than when first arriving. 

If you prefer more of a relaxing treatment let us know at the beginning of the treatment as we can adjust to your liking 

Get in contact with Anthony directly by clicking the "let's talk" tab below | A Video Bio will be posted at a later date| 

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