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Bengisu Gonul /OT   


Bengisu Gonul, MSc. McGill University


Certified Occupational Therapist and a Children's Yoga teacher, completed her Master's degree at McGill University. 

She has experience working with diverse populations including

- Autism 


- Learning Disorders

- Sensory Challenges     

- And more


Bengisu has practiced in diverse settings including early childhood centers, private clinics, schools, and virtual care platforms.

She provides a safe space for children to build consciousness about who they are, their strengths, and to improving their quality of life by finding individualized solutions and enabling child-led therapeutic experiences. 


In her free time, she likes to do photography, paint, read and practice yoga and mindfulness. 


Bengisu is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is joining Dundee's team.

For more info visit


To answer your inquiries or for booking with Bengisu, 

Call: 1 514 608-5668     

         902 423-7246


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